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OneDi is the trusted partner for delivering next-generation solutions that enhance connectivity, elevate user experiences, and optimize overall transit efficiency.

About Us

OneDi Smart Mobility, founded in 2021, is a dynamic force redefining the transit landscape through seamless integration of cutting-edge technology.OneDi (One Digital) unifies all aspects of Intelligent Transport Management System (ITMS) into a single platform, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient transportation management.

By leveraging the power of advanced technology, we offer intelligent solutions that facilitate smoother ticketing processes, efficient vehicle tracking and management, targeted advertising solutions, fuel management capabilities, comprehensive surveillance systems, and convenient first & last mile connectivity options.

OneDi is the trusted partner for delivering next-generation solutions that enhance connectivity, elevate user experiences, and optimize overall transit efficiency. With innovative technologies and a forward-thinking approach, we are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that enhance mobility, optimize operations and dirve sustainable growth in the ever-evolving world of transit.

Our Services

OneDi Ticket

Our smartcard-based transit ticketing system offers contactless payments, online/offline processing, and a user-friendly mobile app for commuters and transit operators. Regular commuters experience enhanced convenience with multiple fare payment options, simplifying their daily commute, while transit operators gain real-time data insights that contribute to increased efficiency and better planning. This seamless solution revolutionizes public transportation, offering convenience, enhanced passenger experiences and improved operational effectiveness.

OneDi Track

With OneDi Track's web and mobile app, easily track your vehicles in real-time anywhere, anytime. Benefit from over-speed alerts, efficient route management, driver behavior analysis, and vehicle performance insights for improved efficiency and safety. Enhance security with the immobilizer feature, remotely disabling vehicles when needed. Monitor temperature and fuel levels to optimize logistics and minimize wastage. Simplify fleet management with a comprehensive solution that ensures optimal performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness for your transportation business.

OneDi Media

OneDi Media empowers brands through innovative indoor transit advertisements, leveraging available transport networks for targeted reach. It enhances transit experiences by providing next stop announcements and introduces a dynamic geography-based advertising solution. Brands can precisely target their ads, maximizing impact and relevance. With interactive displays and real-time insights, OneDi Media transforms travel spaces, captivating audiences while providing valuable information to commuters. This forward-thinking platform bridges the gap between brands and commuters, revolutionizing transit advertising.

OneDi Fuel

OneDi Fuel is the ultimate choice for large logistics service providers, small fleet operators, and corporate users seeking complete control over their fueling needs. With a smart chip-based loyalty prepaid card, refueling becomes a breeze and users can enjoy attractive cashback benefits. This comprehensive system streamlines the fueling process, ensuring secure and efficient transactions at fuel stations. The added loyalty program incentivizes cost-saving practices and promotes efficient fuel consumption within the fleet. Simplify fuel management, optimize operations and gain valuable rewards with OneDi Fuel's smart and user-friendly solution.

OneDi Surveillance

OneDi Surveillance is a comprehensive and all-encompassing platform designed to cater to all your transit surveillance requirements. Our specialized services offer a one-stop shop for every aspect of surveillance, ensuring that you can efficiently monitor and manage your fleet or transportation systems based on your needs and type of vehicle from a wide range of camera options with ease. With our cutting-edge web and mobile applications, you gain instant access to both real-time and historical video feeds, enabling you to stay informed and in control at all times.

OneDi Feeder

OneDi powered electric vehicles provide an efficient last-mile connectivity solution, offering a seamless and enjoyable travel experience for both transport operators and commuters. These eco-friendly vehicles bridge the gap between existing transit systems and passengers' and contributing to a greener environment. For transport operators, OneDi's electric vehicles offer a cost-effective and flexible means to extend services and cover short distances effectively. OneDi's innovative approach revolutionizes last-mile connectivity, fostering convenience, sustainability and enhanced urban mobility.

OneDi App

OneDi Smart Mobility has developed an innovative transit mobile application known as the OneDi App. Using the app, users can efficiently plan their journeys and secure tickets for different modes of transportation, all within a single platform. The app streamlines the ticketing process, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps or websites.

In addition to its user-friendly interface and ticket booking capabilities, the app also offers QR code-based booking, enabling swift and secure transactions. The app further enhances the travel experience by providing real-time tracking of transportation options, ensuring users stay informed about their journey progress.

OneDi App goes beyond conventional ticket booking apps by introducing the ability to purchase passes for regular travel. The app also functions as a feeder service, seamlessly connecting users to various transportation modes and bridging the gap in last-mile connectivity. This holistic approach to travel planning and connectivity sets the OneDi App apart as a comprehensive solution for modern commuters.

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